Easing of Restrictions.

With easing of restrictions around the world, it is important that you follow your local authorities on maintaining distance and wearing a mask. If these safety measures are not imposed by the local authorities think of it in this sense Its a deadly virus no medical facilities has confirmed its true nature therefore we areContinue reading “Easing of Restrictions.”

Kuwait Airport on the Verge of Closure!

As if the Covid-19 isn’t bad enough, now closing the airport will add to the psychological problems faced in the country and with Summer around the corner and reluctance in making overseas travel plans, more entertaining facilities, beaches etc etc etc should be promoted. Please share your thoughts?

Shopping Centers Here We Come…….

Shopping Centers across Kuwait are set to open on June 30, 2020. While the Covid19 Pandemic is still a Serious concern, We advise all to take the necessary precautions as outlined by the Ministry of Health. After all, We here at DO are concerned about your health, safety and wellbeing. Be Model Residents and CitizensContinue reading “Shopping Centers Here We Come…….”